13 October 2011

Cycle Chic Meets Muuse.com

Muuse Meets Cycle Chic_8
Cycle Chic has teamed up with our friends at Muuse.com to make a film combining Muuse's brilliant fashion with Cycle Chic's eye for bicycles. We headed out to one of the many beaches around Copenhagen last Friday to shoot and here are some of the still photos from the day. Thanks to Velorbis for the bicycles, too.
Muuse Meets Cycle Chic_6
It was a brilliant day. A little chilly, if you ask us, but our model Maria is a viking and she put on a brave face. We wrapped her in fur and blankets between every take and took good care of her. Most of the shooting featured many of Muuse's creations from their talented designers but we always included some classic Cycle Chic bicycle ridin'. Of course we did. We couldn't live without it.

Muuse Meets Cycle Chic_1
Muuse.com has also written about the behind the scenes action from the film shoot over at their blog.

Muuse Meets Cycle Chic_7

Muuse Meets Cycle Chic_19

Muuse Meets Cycle Chic_16

Muuse Meets Cycle Chic_39
It goes without saying that when we did the mobile shots, we used a cargo bike from Nihola. Mikael rode the trike and Theis, the cinematographer, sat in the box.

Right then... we'd better get started editing the film. Keep your eyes on this space. It's coming soon. Well... kind of soon. Soonish.


Anonymous said...

That's one rough job you guys have there....hmmmmmm.....legs.....

hebdenjoy said...

Love it !

Paulo Rosa said...

good section of photos and promotion of bikes. And the clothes are beautiful.
Um abraço com pedaladas

aronman said...

its wonderful!
and the funny thing is that tomorrow morning we will do the same here in bp. we will make the second part of this (http://cyclechic.blog.hu/2011/04/29/hajnalban_dolgozunk_mint_a_pekek_divatvideo_werk) never released fashion video, but now with a man and i also got a christiania bike for the cameraman.

Anonymous said...

Love your site, but those models are in serious, serious need of a good meal. There is a difference between "fit" or "slim" and "skeletal." Pretty sick.

Ottawa bike guy said...

Good work if you can get it.

By the way, the model looks slim to me. What some call willowy. Perhaps people are so use to the average person being overweight that anything less than this seems "skeletal".

Anonymous said...

Ottawa bike guys,

A good point. However, I'm a fairly tireless advocate for healthy diet and active lifestyles. Most members of my family have a BMI squarely on the low side of normal, but an athletic-slim rather than an anorexic-slim. If you think that "willowy" look suggests a healthy person, you are sorely mistaken. I'd wager the model in the first photo is unhealthy at that weight. I'm all for the Cycle Chic "style over speed" credo, but her legs suggest she has never been on a bike or a hike in her entire life. She's gaunt.

It's true that we are so surrounded by overweight people that normal BMIs begin to look thin. However, the flip side of your argument is that, in the world of fashion, we are so accustomed to seeing anorexic and bulimic photoshopped to look even thinner than their already too-thin selves, that we've begun to view the un-healthily thin as merely "willowly."

If Cycle Chic is about normal people looking good and using bike is normal situations, let's make sure that those people are, in fact, normal--neither grossly overweight (which seems pretty rare given the "chic" emphasis of Cycle Chic) nor grossly underweight (which occasionally, and disturbingly, occurs).

That's all.

Colville-Andersen said...

Now I know the model. She is a friend of mine. So it is hardly fair for people who don't know the individual to judge them.

If the body in the photo is shocking to some, then it quite possibly is the result of different yardsticks. The figure of the model didn't even register on me. Didn't even think about it.

The bar I was at last night here in Copenhagen - or any bar or café I go to - was filled with slim Copenhagen women with figures like the one pictured. I could look out my window right now at the bike lanes and spot a dozen in the next half hour. Danish women are among the slimmest in Europe and the average BMI is even lower in the capital.

All my visitors to Copenhagen are always amazed at how slim Copenhageners are. If your yardstick is based in a country battling with obesity, sure, you'll be wearing different glasses when looking at other countries.

The main point here is that I know Maria and can assure you that she is just as healthy and fit as the next person. Those who do not know the individual personally should not judge from afar.

jjbikes said...

Love the red bike, black pants, and high collared jacket. Great style!

Anonymous said...

I think she's beautiful and so graceful!