21 October 2011

The Cycle Chic Invisible Bicycle

Something Furry Something Blue
A good friend of ours, Sille, is in the process of personalising her bicycle. Her building has just been given a fresh coat of blue paint and she decided that her (crappy/rusty - in her own words) bicycle was clashing with the blueishness.

So, enter a can or two of spray paint that matches the colour of the facade and off she went. It's a work in progress. And it covers up the rust, too.
Something Blue
If she paints it well enough it just may become camouflaged when leaning up against the building. A kind of water-based invisibility cloak to prevent theft. What a brilliant idea. Sure beats this bicycle protection solution. I suggested she spraypaint Willow, the dog at top, and get him to act as a bicycle guard dog but strangely she wasn't keen on the idea.


Spip said...

How about this ultimate bicycle protection solution?


Anonymous said...

the best bike lock in town


Kieran O'Neill said...

Just one comment -- painting the side walls of the front tyre is OK, but painting the rims will severely impair the ability of the front brake to operate! I would suggest that she get a wire brush and remove the paint at least from the braking surface if she ever plans to ride the bike again...