15 October 2011

Be the Love Generation

A vélo à l'école (de la vie) by yoruse
A lovely little music video, as spotted by our reader, Michel.

Be the Love Generation. Skip school. Ride a bicycle. Flirt with girls all over the nation. And still be home in time for dinner.


Anonymous said...

About 10 years ago I rode my bike across America solo (just my bike and me) and, to say my route meandered is an understatement - it took me 6,400 miles to cross America (which is a little less than a 3,000 mile drive).

Thanks for showing the video - it brought back many, many life-changing memories.

Patty said...

I absolutely fell in love with this song (and the sweetheart of a little boy) when this vid came out some years ago!

The joys of being a kid - even going to the corner shop on bike was an adventure! One of the reasons I still cycle today.


Anonymous said...

Also reminds me of Adrian Lux's "Strawberry" music video. You should post it here on your site! :) I really enjoy looking around your site as I grew up obsessed with bicycles, I even taught myself how to ride one!