28 October 2011

Aerial Cycle Chic Revisited

Aerial Red Bicycle
We're always a sucker for a spot of Aerial Cycle Chic.
Aerial Family

Aerial Superdad

Mobile Communication


Anonymous said...

I love the Mag wheels on that bakfiet with the kids up front. Is that a lego chess set reflected in the windo?

kiwehtin said...

I like the way the birds-eye view gives you a feeling for how the cyclist experiences his/her bike. After all, they are also looking down on what's in the basket, or the box if it's a bakfiets. You don't see them the same way in the usual pictures taken from the side.

I'm surprised to see how much room there is inside the boxes in the two pictures with bakfietsen: again, that perspective disappears in the pictures taken from the side. Clearly you could move a lot of stuff around in one of those.

BTW, no word so far on your twice stolen Bullitt?