28 September 2011

Ljubljana Cycle Chic

Ljubljana Cycle Chic_55
From his first day in Ljubljana, Mikael excitedly told us about the understated capital city and all of its bicycle culture. Sure, we understand 10% modal share and separate cycle tracks, but what we didn't realize, until seeing photos later, was that he meant cycle chic culture. Full style-over-speed ahead, cycle chic bicycle culture.
Ljubljana Cycle Chic_78
Skirtguards, umbrellas, wicker baskets- we see it in the accessories.
Ljubljana Cycle Chic_29
Ljubljana Cycle Chic_4 (2)
Monumental Motion Ljubljana_18
Ljubljana Bicycle Life_8 (2)
Ljubljana Cycle Chic
Ljubljana Cycle Chic_12
We see it in the people too- in their poise and in their movements as they ride easily through their city. Keep it up Ljubljana, you're lookin' good.


Darren Alff said...

Ljubljana is one of those European cities that I've been to (for just a short time), but want to go back and see more of. The people, the bike/outdoorsy culture, etc. I would love to experience it all some more!

cooksappe said...

wow *_*

Photo Retouching Service said...

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Little House said...

I need one of these! Just yesterday I was riding to school and my skirt got caught in my back brake! Thankfully, I was able to yank it out without ripping my skirt, but the next time it happens I might not be that lucky.

Bobi said...

Yes ,we are almost satisfied with our position in Ljubljana traffic. But we still have some issues, so our organization, called Ljubljana bicycle net, is constantly reminding the mayor what has to be done next. Our bicycle culture is also constantly improving so we are pretty happy.