21 September 2011

Going About Their Business


The world championships for road racing are being hosted in Copenhagen this week. Which means the inner city roads are blocked off to vehicles, which also means there are more people taking their bike this week. A few of us from Cycle Chic headed in to catch a glimpse of the race action. What really caught our fancy though, were the slightly less speedy people on their rush hour commute.

Perfectly cool waiting for the light to change.





Anonymous said...

Pretty and sexy picture.

Plus! This attitude of walking against the other bikers is so cool.

bikefish said...

Driving 15 miles along many roads with bike lanes, I saw 36 people on bikes here in South Seattle. 6 of them were women. None of them looked like this. Sigh. But then nobody in Seattle dresses like this anyway!

Timbuk2 said...

Inspiring and depressing at the same time. San Franciscans, we need to amp it up! Black Patagonia jackets are *not* equal to black wool blazers. Then again, we do have epic hills to climb . . .