17 August 2011

Forever Copenhagen

Colour Sure we're doing a lot of travelling and public speaking these days. But our hearts are forever Copenhagen.


Klaus Mohn said...

Forever on Søtorget, specifically!

ManfredKZ said...

Taking my bike on the train today again and off to downtown and the International Fringe Festival in Old Strathcona. Can you take your bike on the train in Copenhagen as well? (but why would you, right?)

Fred Ollinger said...

Yes, you can take your bicycle on a train.

There is a good reason.

We rode out of the city proper in the Forest--yes The Forest as if there is only one of them. :)

The Forest is not a forest at all, but it is a gorgeous park with lots of people walking around.

It's quiet and has great coffee.

We rode the train back because it was far and we were tired.

ManfredKZ said...

This is nice, for longer trips the train is handy for the bike.