15 July 2011

Catwalk to Copenhagen: Paris Couture Week

Chanel purple_b
More from Paris Couture week, lovely splashes of Chanel purple.

Armani Privé_b
Armani Privé matched with bouquet bicycle.

"That is so wild"
Armani Privé, "It is so wild."


dmitrigruber said...

Hey, my comment is off topic and i already posted this at copenhagenize.com, but, whatever.
I'm a bike lover and messenger from Vienna and i'm visiting Copenhagen right now. I spent my day chasing couriers and searching for cheap hotels, both rather unsuccesful ;)
Does anybody wanna meet up for a ride or a drink? I'm in staying 'till tuesday noon.

Here's my email: dmitri.gruber@gmail.com
And here's my homepage: www.simongraf.com

I would be pleased to meet you,


EAP said...

This zits comic illustrates perfectly why specialized bicycle clothing is unnecessary


bertiebass said...

Like the fashion !

My Ordinary Bicycle Life said...

I'd love to watch the lady in orange/black dress get on a bicycle ;)

Andy said...

I like his bike because it adds to the retro atmosphere