25 June 2011

Rachid from Restaurant Nass

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We met Rachid during the Cycle Chic Bloggers Conference in Barcelona. We needed a place to eat and our friend Juan, president of the Catalan Bicycle Club - BACC - took us to a cool little place in Barceloneta. Rachid is the chef at Nass. After a number of years at a fancy schmancy restaurant he started his own place.
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We all sat in a private room and enjoyed spectacular food and drink. Rachid took care of us well, constantly popping in to make sure everything was alright and instructing the waiters. He is charming and a brilliant chef. He used to drive a car but Juan, and others, finally convinced him to switch to a bicycle, which is did. Picture above. Fantastic.
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Thanks to Rachid for a wonderful meal at Nass.

Nass Restaurant - c/ Judici 5
08003 Barcelona


Antoine said...

That's a Trek District. Sweet ride, and makes a lot of sense for those who want to be chic but keep their leg clean from chain lube. Nice touch with the glasses having a similar accent color

Vladimir Zlokazov said...

He did take that switch-to-bike thing to heart according to what he rides :) Nice bike for and a good looking guy.

Monsieur Bio said...

Nice chef and good restaurant.
I was ther last month but i didn't knew he was a commuter. i only enjoyed his food.

those "portraits" of the last days are fine. it reveal also the social side of bicycle chic.


Colville-Andersen said...

Chic people who want to keep their trouser legs free of grease buy chainguards... :-)

Kristin Tieche said...

His glasses match his bike.

Andy said...

i like fixie