23 June 2011

Our Cycle Chic Barcelona Wheels

Cycle Chic Harbourside
So Cycle Chic went to Barcelona. Not surprisingly, we needed bicycles to get around on. From A to B. A being cool cycle events and B being cool bars and restaurants. We were incredibly fortunate to get a load of bicycles to ride fra various sources.

I decided to bring a prototype of the new Cycle Chic bicycle from Copenhagen to Barcelona to show the gang. We hoping for a launch in the fall. Above is the bicycle on the quay next to the yacht that some of us stayed on in Barcelona's Port Vell.
Cycle Chic Bicycle 001 Cycle Chic Bicycle 002
Here's the bicycle being rolled onto the plane at Copenhagen airport. It arrived fine in Barcelona. We're still working on the colour combination for the bicycle and we're working on getting the price down so that it is affordable.
Cycle Chic BCN - Friends (7)
Once on the ground in Catalunya, we needed more wheels. And this is where our good friends from CityBici stepped in to help. They provided us with cool bicycles from Creme Cycles. You know it's a chic city when your lovely friends show up with their friends and all of them are lovely and gorgeous. Here they all are, above, in front of Barcelona's Arc de Triomf. Vanessa from CityBici, in the middle, is beautifully pregnant and we'll promptly add this shot to our Bicycles and Pregnancy tag here on the blog.
Cycle Chic BCN - Friends (1)
Creme Cycles make a variety of bikes. Most are upright but they have funky models, too. Like this one.
Cycle Chic BCN - Crew (54) Cycle Chic BCN - Crew (55)
CityBici were also kind enough to let us use their gorgeous showroom/flat for our conference where we discussed Cycle Chic and shared experiences from the various countries, as well as plotted out the way forward for the brand. Cold beer, cool friends, groovy city. Me gusto.
Cycle Chic BCN - Crew (56) Cycle Chic Conference Barcelona 2011 -Seat Warmer
We still needed a few more bikes for the bloggers, though. My friend Koos from BikeTech bike shop in Barcelona helped swing some bicycles from another shop. Intemperie is an outdoor gear shop in Barcelona and they were kind enough to loan us 10 Brompton folding bikes. Txell, from Barcelona Cycle Chic, held a master class in folding/unfolding the bikes for the uninitiated on the sidewalk outside Intemperie. On the left is a seat warmer from Velorbis having a test ride on a Brompton.

Cycle Chic BCN - Crew (45) Cycle Chic BCN - Crew (38)
Once in a while situations arose where the people outnumbered the bicycles, as they do, but our crew merely shrugged THAT off and made it work. Tiago and Saskia on the left and Philip and Joni on the right. If memory serves, I had a certain Quebecoise on the back of my bike when taking these shots. :-)
Saint Joan Despí Cycle Chic Tour_9
So, all in all, we were well covered in the bicycle department for the duration of the Cycle Chic Bloggers Conference 2011. A couple of rental bikes were squeezed into the equation, as well as a few Bicing bike share bikes. But thanks to a whole bunch of good, cool people for helping us out!


Anonymous said...

The Cycle Chic bicycle is a real looker. i'd love to hear A LOT more details about it, and look forward to updates on it. And the Cycle chic bloggers are aan amazing group, thanks for sharing the post and photos!

Commuter Bike said...

She's pretty easy on the eyes - some brilliant photography of a brilliant City. Thanks for sharing.

John Lewis Sales said...

Now i get it why my brother is crazy after his cycle tour

A Good Moroccan said...

Nice pictures !

Fan said...

Thank you so much for mentioning the bike, Mikael. I had been wondering where that beauty came from looking at the photos for the past few days. I mean, I want one, I want one... Did I mention that I want one?