24 June 2011

Couvreselle Bicycle Seat Covers

Cycle Chic Conference Barcelona 2011 - Couverselle
The heart and soul of bicycle culture thrives in the creations of passionate individuals. This post is about one of them.

There I was, riding through Montreal and heading for the Tour la Nuit - the annual evening bike ride in the city. Down the separated bike lane on rue Brébeuf. I saw someone on the sidewalk and just had to turn around. That's when I met Viviane.
Couvreselle 001
Outside her flat she was selling bicycle seat covers to the many cyclists heading for the Tour la Nuit, an event by Vélo Québec, with 17,000 people on bicycles! And not just any bicycle seat covers. Covers she crafts herself in a wild variety of fabrics and styles. I mean wild.

Couvreselle 002
We started chatting and she had heard of Cycle Chic. She invited me inside to show me the fantastic selection of seat covers that she had made. This is really Cycle Chic con amore. As it should be. Gorgeous personalised accessories. Perfect for adding a splash of style and colour to you bicycle and even keeping your bottom warm in the winter.

Each seat cover takes her three hours to create. There is incredible attention to detail and quality. A one-woman Cycle Chic extravaganza.

Viviane has a website, in French, called www.couvreselle.ca.

After a great deal of deliberation, I settled on the one at the top. :-)