16 June 2011

Bicycle Social Club in Montreal

Montreal Bixi Transport
Don't try telling us here at Cycle Chic that urban cycling isn't sociable. You'll never be able to convince us. Here are some shots of the Montreal Bicycle Social Club. Above, creative use of a Bixi to get a piece of flea market furniture home.
Montreal Cycle Chic Couple

Montreal Cycle Chic Chat

Montreal Cycle Chic Threesome

Montreal Meeting

Montreal Pair

Montreal Nihola Montreal Moment
I always feel at home in Montreal. But seeing a Danish Nihola cargo bike (and doing a u-turn on Parc to go back and take a photo of these two) helps make me feel closer to Copenhagen.


raydenzel1 said...

Just a note. As one of my every day readings, you have had an award bestowed upon you.


Marie Clausén said...

It would be great to see some pics from Copenhagen again sometime soon. After all, I gather Montreal has its own cycle chic site.

Anonymous said...

@ Marie
Smells like jealousy...

A Good Moroccan said...

The cargo bike looks very handy.

Kristin Tieche said...

I adore Montreal. Jealous!

Marie Clausén said...

@ Anonymous (strange name): I am not in the least jealous of Montreal - I personally dislike the city, but that is neither here not there. I am a Scandinavian stuck in North America for the time being and Copenhagen Cycle Chic is one of the sites I look at as a sweet reminder of 'home'. It has been less so recently with all the pictures from Canada. That's all.

margaret cruzemark said...

Hey!!This is a great blog! Thank you for sharing great pics!!!
Kisses and hugs
miss Margaret Cruzemark

Anonymous said...

Geezus what a hater.