21 June 2011

The Bicycle Crate by Maik

We're loving this beautiful bicycle box called The Bike Crate. It's from Danish design company Maik, located in the heart of the Vesterbro neighbourhood of Copenhagen.

Simple, elegant and oh so urban. We approve.


Anonymous said...

Not bad. But I completely don't buy that sexist mumbo-jumbo at the manufacturer's site. Why couldn't guys just use baskets, panniers, rear and front racks etc. and would have to resort to un-stylish backpacks or bags? Is that for fear of being perceived as effeminate, or what? I think this notion is bullshit, period - just like the unwillingness to ride a bike with a step-through frame.

isn't this stylish? or this?
By the way, I've got a wooden rear rack crate which really comes in handy. It's reinforced with aluminum angle bars and clear-coated for weather resistance. There's a set of hooks for hanging a bag or two when I go shopping, because I usually carry 15 - 20kg of groceries and don't have a cargo bike... yet. Interested in old-school Long John.
For those interested in the weird contraptions: it's all designed and made by myself. The bike has 12V battery lighting with long/short headlight, an alarm device and a klaxon in case an automobile asshole right-hooks me or blocks a bike crossing. I attach a megaphone when some public address can come in handy, for example when announcing Critical Mass rides. For parties, bike get-togethers etc. I'm a mobile bicycle repairman and replace the wooden box with a made-by-myself service kit including toolbox and a small compressor.

Klaus said...

A beautiful concept that doesn't even pretend to acknowledge the concept of handling dynamics. Ie., bad design.

Klaus said...

I mean, I'm no engineer nor designer, but this thing is ridiculous. The overhang and the weight. The claim that you can haul 12 bottles of wine with that thing, in urban stop-and-go traffic, with other riders and cars. I wouldn't even use it to carry a bunch of carrots, like the press pic shows. Somebody please convince me that this isn't Worthless Designshit.

Pangolin said...

Whoot!!! Bicycle readers now have their own equivalent to the Architectural cargo-container-house design noise; non-functional cargo gear.

My favorite part: polycarbonate. Can anybody recall what happens to a Lexan water bottle after six months?They turn into a mass of scratches.

Extra bonus: watching your purse, lunch, groceries, exit the shallow uncovered box when you hit a pothole and vanish behind you.

Rune Rex said...

Dear readers and writers- I would like to invite you to our workshop at Oehlenschlægersgade 12, Copenhagen where you can take my personal bike for a spin. Also I would love to hear your ideas about improvements.
Hope seeing you around the neighborhood.


Rune Rex

Anonymous said...

I have this on my bike and this is very practical, so don't be pessimistic about weight and aerodynamics... this is thought through design! :)