12 May 2011

Sociable Cycling

Copenhagen Morning Friends
You can ride with a friend to work in the mornings.
Copenhagen Handlebars
You can feel like you are together with your fellow citizens, even if you're not.
Spontaneous Meet up
And you can suddenly spot a friend in the traffic, slow down and say hello.


Dave Schlabowske said...

Andreas Rohl visited Milwaukee recently and discussed the concept of social cycling from a design engineering standpoint. As he explained it, you basically need enough room for two people to ride side-by-side and still have the width for a faster rider to pass.

Belgie said...

This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. One thing I just want to say is that your design is so perfect! You certainly know how to get a girls attention! I’m glad that your here.

Kim said...

Another good reason for having good cycle facilities and riding a bicycle :-)

v. Braun. said...

Great pictures!

Ben said...

I appreciate the social feeling/sentiment as well. It is so rare here in Central Pennsylvania that one senses comraderie with another bicyclist, alas!

Anonymous said...

Oh give me a break! I live in Copenhagen, and although I am all for creating a positive image of cycling: if cycling in Copenhagen is characterized by anything it's selfishness, rude and inconsiderate dangerous cycling. Elbows out - I come first - is the motto of the day (both towards fellow cyclists, cars and pedestrians). This has been subject of great debate in the media and it is a real pain!