7 May 2011

Cycle Chic Kids

Felix Schwinn
Here's Felix on an old Schwinn trike that we found in the backyard of our new flat. There are loads of kids bikes, trikes and cargo bikes for communal use.
Lulu Cargo
Here's Lulu-Sophia's favourite du jour. A little cargo bike. You can read about the unique cargo bikes on offer for children in Denmark over at Copenhagenize.com.

Cycle Chic kids, indeed.


hebdenjoy said...

To be young again, with a first bike !

Anonymous said...

Heeeeey, Lulu is nice and quite like Christiania! That only means that you DO have a mature bike culture and kids start to learn to cycle for practical reasons very early :). In Poland, "grown up" cargo bikes happen rarely, let alone kid's ones.

kfg said...

We didn't have "low rider" trikes when I was that age. They've always looked like a bit o' fun to me.

We didn't have box bikes this side of the pond, so I had a fire engine instead. I still consider its loss (stolen) one of my life's great tragedies.

One of these days I'll have to build something to replace it, but I'm not quite into fire engines the same way these days, so I think I'll go for something rather more Whitney Straight/Prince Bira Maserati 8CM crossed with a Morgan. Kill three birds with one stone, as it were.

Gunn said...

Den søteste syklist jeg har sett!;)

Gunn said...

She is soooooo cute!
And your blog is very interesting and nice!:)

Lim Soo 林蘇 said...

your kids are growing up fast.