4 May 2011

Copenhagen Lego Cycle Chic

Citizen Cyclists 001
If we lived in Toy-penhagen, this is what this blog would look like. Citizen Cyclists riding through the city.
Citizen Cyclists 006
Man in a suit complete with mobile. Supermum with her kid and her coffee. Flowers decorating a bike.
Citizen Cyclists 012
The elderly (with baguettes), a doctor, you name it.
Citizen Cyclists 010
Businessman with briefcase. 50% + female ridership. Etc.
Citizen Cyclists 004
One-handed riding. Yep... it's all there. All we need is for LEGO to make stilettos and mini-skirts... :-)
Citizen Cyclists 007


kjsutcliffe said...


Anonymous said...

That is one hell of a cell phone! When I saw your banner over at Copenhagenize I thought is was a rifle and found it quite unerving that he was riding through the traffic heavily armed and the other lego people didn't seem to take notice :-)

Eneko Astigarraga said...

For your archive:



BikeBike said...


Hans Ditlev Nissen said...

I like the doctor.
On most maps the bridge is called Dr. Louise's Bridge.
Here Dr. is short for Dronning; dronning is the Danish word for queen.
But as kids, when we saw it on a map for the first time,
we already knew what Dr. meant. When we were taken to the doctor, it was in front of the name on the door.
It meant Doctor.
So for me it has always been Doctor Louise's Bridge.
To honour all the good Doctor Louises in this world.
And there she comes.

Anonymous said...

"All we need is for LEGO to make stilettos and mini-skirts... :-)"

And bride & bridegroom on bike(s)/tandem, too? ;)

Kitty B said...

LOVE it!! I even see myself in that crowd...

Lim Soo 林蘇 said...

Great stuff, Lego, one of Denmark icon, apart from Cycle Chic!
Having the Lego figure is easy, wonder where you get the bicycles for Lego figures. My sons love it!

Anonymous said...

Adolf Hitler biking with his briefcase on the fourth pic is priceless.

Colville-Andersen said...

That's just a hipster moustache with the briefcase. Like http://hipsterhitler.com/

kfg said...

Anon - The question then is why are you unnerved by the fact that to his peers he does not represent a threat?

It's not like a held rifle is an instrument likely to cause harm, perhaps even death, to them; like a driven automobile.

Mikael - ". . .just a hipster moustache with . . ."

. . . a Hitler hairdo, a Hitler expression and wearing a uniform. If I were him I'd check that briefcase for a bomb if he didn't pack it himself.


Is Hitler ironically as hipster, not hipster ironically as Hitler; I believe the claim stands, although it may be ironic.

kfg said...

Anon - P.S. While all cell phones are mobiles, not all mobiles are cell phones. To obtain the small form factor a cell needs to rely on repeater towers to achieve any range. If you are willing to carry a larger package with an external antenna the "tower" can be built into the hand held units themselves.

So while it would indeed be one hell of a cell phone, it ain't, 'cause it's not. It's a mobile.

baudman said...

http://www.cargobikecult.com/?p=503 :D

saskia said...

man I love Lego!!
Here in sunny Sydney we ride our Lego bikes to the beach for a surf :-) but there's always some pesky person with a camera wanting to take our photo.....

MCarlos said...

Buenísimo... es espectacular, estoy buscando esos legos antiguos...
Saludos http://EnBiciXSevilla.blogspot.com

kfg said...

Saskia - I love LEGO too, but I can only appreciate them as an adult. As it came out in conversation with a SWGY (Sweet Young Geeky Thing) I never played with them as a child.

SYGT: That's horrible! Why wouldn't your parents let you have any LEGO?

Me: Because there weren't any.

SYGT: OMG!!!!(sic) You're OLD!

Which of course is silly. I'm not old, my motheris old; and even she isn't so old that she didn't play with a bicycle when she was a child, nor yet so old that she has ceased doing so.

Mom has been to LEGOLAND. She didn't take me. I know why and the reason is perfectly legitimate, but I don't see why that's a reason not to hold it against her. Therapists have to eat too.