30 May 2011

Bjarke Ingels Cycle Chic

Bjarke Ingels
We're not all THAT keen on taking celebrity shots but once in a while we grab a shot of someone well-known. In this case Danish (st)architect Bjarke Ingels, heading over Queen Louise's Bridge on his Biomega Pico bicycle.

Now we're well-acquainted with Biomega bicycles, but we're really wondering about this we spotted in Copenhagen:
New Biomega New Biomega 002
Latest prototype? :-)


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Anonymous said...

My advice: never commission an architect who is not seen out and about on a bike! If anyone can help me find more photos like this one Mikael took, please leave a not under this post on my blog: http://behoovingmoving.livejournal.com/78894.html
Nice paparazzi shot!

LSBF consultant said...

You give me the direction what to write next on my blog thanks.