20 May 2011

Bikes, Breakfast, Barcelona

Barcelona Threesome
So we're counting down to the Cycle Chic Blogger Conference in Barcelona on June 17-19, 2011. It's going to be great to meet up with some of the cool people in our network. We're making the final arrangements and getting ready to party.

Together with BACC - The Catalunya Bicycle Club - we're arranging a Cycle Chic breakfast on the 17th June. It's Bike Week in Barcelona so we'll be on hand to photograph the city's chicest bicycle users and hand out prizes.

If you're in town then, here's the Facebook event page!

The big question is... what bikes are the Cycle Chic bloggers going to ride? As we're not locals, we can't get a Bicing card so we're going to need some wheels.

Any bright ideas? Any bike brands that we can test drive? Let us know.


Marina Macia said...

Have a look at this site:


Enjoy your time in Barcelona!

Anonymous said...

Mikael, with txell we are alredy working on that and you'll all have bikes!