14 April 2011


Spring Sunshine 40
The Art of Elegant Merging into Bicycle Traffic.
Spring Sunshine 41


Kiwehtin said...

You would almost think this was staged as a reference to our ongoing national election campaign in Canada: Conservative red (way over to our right), Liberal blue (to our left and centre). Too bad there's no NDP orange, Green... uh, green, and Bloc québécois pale blue. That would really have done it!

free article directory said...

I can’t wait to find this book in my mailbox! Thank-you for doing the giveaway!!

Cláudia Porto said...

Liberdade de viver no ar e com os pés no chão!
Um modo de estar de bem com os outros.
Daqui do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, desejo bicicletas ao mundo...