3 April 2011

Cycle Chic(ish) from Belgium

Here's the cover of the weekend supplement for the Belgian newspaper De Morgen. Shot by Javier Barcala © La Fortuna Studio.

It really is wild how vintage bikes are conquering the market.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately all I can see is that he's smoking a cigarette :(

Anonymous said...

Living life in the fast lane on that bike, too. What a terrible role model for the young ones :-((((

Oh and no helmet to be seen??? *fainting*

Anonymous said...

Why is Charlie Sheen on the cover of a Belgian newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Why do so many people feel the need to comment on cyclists who don't wear a helmet yet never comment on drivers and passengers in cars who don't wear helmets. Yet think of the damage a standard handbag or an umbrella left on the back shelf flying around inside a car after a 30mph shunt can cause. Is it they don't know the risk or just don't believe there is a risk?