22 March 2011

Still Going Strong

Elderly Mobility
The bicycle is timeless.
Gentleman Deluxe



analee said...

bicycle is really good for the older people.. I like the tricycle very cute.

Anonymous said...

Bread,Bicycles & Bicyclists - 'The Timeless B's'. Joyful and grateful to have them around!
Bye, I take my leave now... to bake some bread. ;)

Anonymous said...

My Mum could be on here! She'll be 70 in a few months and has been a born again cyclist for 5 years. She doesn't do rain or cold though and hills are for a 24" gear*.

*Two feet for the EU readers and other metricated countries. ;-)

Anonymous said...

#2 looks absolutely dashing in his overcoat and flowy silver hair!

MCarlos said...

La bicicleta no tiene edad...desde Sevilla Saludos.


abbie said...

these are really great images! nice!

Mertxe Hernàndez said...

That´s a very cute picture.. I love it.