29 March 2011

Berlin Cycle Chic

Berlin Cycle Chic 043
I was in Berlin over the weekend, giving a keynote talk at VeloBerlin's Metromobile urban mobility conference. I love Berlin. I've been visiting the city for years and it's always a pleasure to show up there again. It was a great conference and it was even more great to ride around the city on Thursday evening - and paint the town red on Friday...

These three shots are from Mitte. Berlin is a fantastic cycling city. They have a modal share of 13% and in some neighbourhoods, like Mitte, it's up around 20%. The bicycle is normal. The style is impeccable. Das ist Berlin.
Berlin Cycle Chic 049
Two of three girlfriends heading out on the town on rental bicycles.
Berlin Cycle Chic 034
Lovely smile in the early evening.

We're doing more Berlin this week here on Cycle Chic.


Unknown said...

Great set!

One thing I heard about Berlin is car-ownership is extremely low, well below 50% I believe.

analee said...

great photograph, and a nice city...

Anke said...


In Berlin there are 324 cars per 1000 inhabitants (national average is 540). Only 45% of all households own a car.

Among other things that comes from low incomes, high proportion of single-person households and good public transport.

Regarding the numbers you may think "Oh, wonderful. Only few cars on the streets, no jams, relaxed biking." Wrong.

Colville-Andersen said...

Yes, car ownership is low. About the same as Manhattan, actually. In Copenhagen it's about 29%