31 March 2011

Berlin Bicycle Blur

Berlin Cycle Chic 031
I'm a sucker for blurry, nighttime shots of Citizen Cyclists doin' their Cycle Chic thang.
Berlin Cycle Chic 053

Berlin Cycle Chic 029

Sense of a Bicycle
Yeah, okay. There's a limit. But hey... I love it that you can still recognise that it's a bicycle. That's how iconic the design of a bicycle is.


Klaus Mohn said...

those classic city bikes are soooo not Berlin though. It's mountainbikey ugly thing galore over there. Makes sense with all the tram tracks and the general dressed-down style.

analee said...

Nice Shot... and having a unique background..

Bicychall said...

Third picture down is great

Colville-Andersen said...

klaus... i saw loads and loads of classic upright bicycles. i was astounded at how many i saw. many vintage ones, too.

Konrad said...


Scott said...

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Anonymous said...

That 2nd to last shot with the man in the knee length black coat is Fantastic! Very nicely done!

M in MN