2 February 2011

Share the Bike Love, Baby

Washington D.C. Bike Share Cycle Chic in 57 seconds. Niiice.


emily said...

as a capital bikeshare member... this makes me happy :)

Beth said...

I love Cap bikeshare! I'm hoping cycling catches on more in DC!

Maxence Guérin said...

Cool video!

By the way, these bikes are design in Quebec, the original bikes are called the Bixi (Montreal).

"Share the bike love, baby"!

David Henderson said...

Share the bike baby and share this post (I just did)

I like it. I would love it if the on-bike footage were a few clicks higher quality.

Aurash said...

It was so much fun using bikeshare while I was in DC and while I shot this video. Next time you're in DC, forget the car. Use bus, metro, and bikeshare. Easy as 1-2-3.

Thanks for posting the vid, Mr. Colvin. Keep up the excellent work!!

Anonymous said...

what song is this?