26 February 2011

Round the World Cycle Chic

in bici nel centro di Lucca
Some of our recent favourites from the Cycle Chic Official Flickr Group. Bicycle style from around the world. Lovin' it.

Tú sígueme y verás qué guay Tweed Ride London Apr 10  (279) Sunshine Sleep Let it snow Back on track... Matching bootscyclechic a la romana IMG_3716 A star in stripes Chic cyclist IMG_0920 Cycling in South Parks Road Yellow P1080679 cfd 02 memories of may 8th *** CCJ 22 IMG_6468 Cycling in Broad Street, Again Black to Basics ( mudguards and a basket would be nice.)
Hermanos abrazados


Livia said...

Critical Mass in Porto Alegre BR violently attacked by motorist. Cars are weapons! http://youtu.be/ezlPXA_67-I #criticalmass #bicicletada

A brazilian TV report about the case: http://youtu.be/8dyG5UwmfTI

Lady Vélo said...

Thank you for including me in your round-up on here :)

David Henderson said...

Livia: Your video link(s) were beyond disturbing. I couldn't understand the language, and the first video was all that I could stomach anyway. Terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to the victims.

My thinking is that this incident is not a global one, but a Brazilian issue. Or perhaps global under the category of mental illness. I can not understand this without mental illness being present for someone to be able to cause what the video shows.

Ricardo Sá said...

David: the first video shows the victims that was attacked by a stupid motorist. The video was made for one guy that was participating in the critical mass event. An event that people trying to show what's important to use the bicycle as a transport way.

The second video is a brasilian TV report about the accident.

'Xander Labayen said...

Thanks for including Toronto in the global roundup.. To my Borthers and sisters in Brazil.. Ride on Stay Strong.