5 January 2011

Shooting The Shooter

Setting The Aperture
I was passing my favorite bridge on a sunday walk on the ice covered lakes. This young woman pulled over not far from me and started fumbling with something she dragged from her briefcase. It turned out to be an old Canon rangefinder, which, I found out, recently had been given to her.
Anyway, whether it is for love of film or for just being incredibly hip, it warms my heart to see a young person shooting film. At very least it helps keeping the film manufacturers in business.

Oops, I got caried away here. In the context of this blog I should of course be dwelling on her impeccably stylish black outfit, complete with classic driving gloves and ol´skool black leather briefcase.
On a bike.
In the snow.

And now over to some absolutely shameless selfpromotion: My *tada!* brand new photography blog.


Puna said...

I really enjoy this. Came here via Mrs. E!

Uncle Allan said...

flot billede

A Good Moroccan said...

Very black.

Diário de Lisboa said...

beautiful photo,beautiful light, great ,great blogue.

Ralf Sperka said...

I love your blog. Everything is so great and stylish. This picture of the girl with her camera is very beautiful. I am from Curitiba, Brazil and i hope that this year i'll be able to know your city. Congratulations.

Lim Soo 林蘇 said...

fantastic picture with available light.
what is your real name by the way?

Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

Thanks all.
@Lim Soo: I wonder what makes you think that it is not my real name at the bottom of the post.