25 January 2011

Sending Signals

Winter Light Turning Right with cigarette
After thousands and thousands of photographs it really takes something special for me to choose a photograph to add to my mental favourites. This one, however, muscled right on in to the 'Best of' list. So cool, so classy, so elegant. Signaling a right turn with the utmost style.
Winter Light Turning Right
This one, shortly after, is also quite lovely. Another right turn signal.
Stopping in a Moment
And here, for good measure, taken earlier in the day, a Copenhagener signalling that they're stopping.


blessingsgoddess said...

Clear signals help avoid accidents.

Adam said...

I 'hand up' European for stop? North American is 'hand down;' not that anybody knows it, though.

Anonymous said...

hotties, in pic one and two, yummy...

Littlenell said...

Pity about the ciggie in photo one. The Danish love to smoke don't they?

WESTYLE said...

so cool, calm, and collected...love the nonchalant hand signals.

Unknown said...

I signal quite often, and am always amazed at how many motorists give me a little wave.

Either they are happy I signalled, or thought I was waving.