12 January 2011

More Montreal

Montrealer Music
Like I mentioned, I was on holiday in Montreal so I wasn't out photographing people on bicycles. I did, however, have my camera with me and managed to get some shots.
Montreal Veloiste
More importantly, I did Montreal things. I ate fresh bagels and cream cheese at four in the morning on the way home. I ate poutine at Chez Claudette. I saw a Canadiens game at a lovely local bar where my friends hang out. I was at a bunch of house parties hanging with the locals. I spent loads of time in bookshops. Brilliant
I'm hoping to return in June.
Montrealer on Bicycle


Jennifer said...

I LOVE Montreal - and that is coming from a Torontonian! Your post is making me homesick

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's mild weather in Montreal...quite surprising actually.

Miriam said...

love love love Montreal... and poutine!

Colville-Andersen said...

it was 6 degrees on new year's night and the snow was melting. :-)

Lim Soo 林蘇 said...

you had real good time.

Anonymous said...

Montreal is my home town. Montreal, Quebec City, Paris and Prague are my favourite cities to live in.

I am 60 years old and I have 3 bicycles a 2000 Honda Civic and a 2001 KTM supermotard. The bicycles are: Yuba Mundo cargo, Miyata touring and a trek urbanized mountain bike that I ride in Winter.

Love my bicycles.

Kurt said...

Vive la Montréal!

Ekat said...

I clicked on the link to your blog hoping to see Copenhagen pics... Instead, the first thing I see is pictures of my own city! How funny!!

Bisous de Montréal

Kiwehtin said...

I'm stumped by some of the street scenes. The pics looking up toward the mountain (like the one at Hôtel-de Ville) seem to be taken along Mont-Royal Avenue, yet I can't place the scenes in my mind. Could they be taken along Guilford, just a block up "northward"?

Note how the gutters are inevitably poorly cleaned, fill up with gravel and left over ice, and force cyclists to ride at least a metre away from the curb. That's why I'm so jealous of the way Copenhagen keeps the bike paths clean. We ought to be able to do better here.

By the way, where are you giving your talk in June?

Mtler said...

The first and last shots are on Laurier, and just west of St-Denis, not far from Chez Claudette.

It's awesome to see the streets I ride everyday on this blog; too bad I'm not on it though, I would have been quite proud really.

Kiwehtin said...

Aah, NOW I recognise it! Whether living up in Ahuntsic or just across the tracks in Rosemont, I often used de Bullion and Casgrain or de Gaspé to get between downtown/the Plateau and home. I never actually travelled along that stretch of Laurier, which is why it looks strange. Now I recognise the grey building on the right...!

I still think I have a right to bitch about the ice crud barriers they leave next to the sidewalks...!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, you are awesome. Rock on, zoomer!

lagatta à montréal said...

Actually the district continuing the streets in the pictures directly across the railway tracks is la Petite-Patrie, not Rosemont. (I live there). The confusion stems from the fact that Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie form one arrondissement, or borough as they've translated it. Many arrondissements include more than one historic neighbourhood: others are NDG-Côte-des-Neiges west of the mountain and Villeray-St-Michel-Parc-Extension north of my arrondissement.

I live on one of those streets between St-Laurent and St-Denis, dans la Petite-Italie near Marché Jean-Talon. And I hate poutine. I have so many nicer food choices around here!

One of my favourite bookshops in the area Mikael was photographing is Le Port de tête on Mont-Royal. Cute old-time caffè-bar in your flicker set - lots of similar ones where I live.

You must tell us where you will be speaking in June, if you are here for a conference as well as a visit.