19 January 2011

Cycle Chic - 1899

This really needs music, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

Via: Treadlie


The villager: said...

Great to see this slice of history.

Frits B said...

What is this? A demonstration of an exam class at riding school? Or a modern version of a Bournonville choreography?

amoeba said...

Unless I'm mistaken, not a dress-guard in sight.

Wonderful cine-film.

Thanks Mikael for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and inspiring. What were their secrets for managing those skirts?

Thanks Mikael!

kfg said...

"A demonstration of an exam class at riding school?"

Or something very much like that. Perhaps a riding club skills demonstration.

Films like this would be accompanied by a live piano player, so if you miss the music, do it right and pull up a keyboard.

A ragged time cakewalk would be appropriate.