31 January 2011

Beautiful Copenhagen Cycling Film

Brilliant film about Copenhagen's cycling life by the director Martin de Thurah.


evan said...

aw man - that made my morning.

matija said...

not that brilliant. it is nice looking, but boring and bland

Colville-Andersen said...

a matter of taste

David Henderson said...

I enjoyed this piece very much. The mood was very peaceful and serene.

Anonymous said...

I going to be for a week in Copenhagen this year, just for riding! :-)

I do everywhere I visit, but Copenhagen had chosen almost just because of this and peoples :-)

Yeap....and not to forget about your films I love so much. (Thomas Anders Jensen, Lars von Trier).

Be proud of your city!

from Budapest, Hungary

MOMentous said...

I thought it was kind of slow and disjointed, but I did love the shot of the cycling mob of everyday people going about their business. I dream of this for New York.

RoadieRyan said...

I loved it - beautiful. The Scenery, music mood.


KULBE said...

nice, I think the beatiful shores and country views needs more credits, this video is a blend of bike/girls, lights/shadows, urban+nature, and I love all of them, thus not in the same proportion :)

Anonymous said...

That first shot looks a lot like where I grew up in Skagen. Nothing better than biking across the heath on the way to the beach.
Mmmm biking.
Mmmm the heath.
Mmmm the beach.