31 December 2010


Snowstorm Calm and Cool
What a lovely, zen-like expression in the snowstorm.


ian_rm27 said...

40C plus here today in Melbourne.I dream of a white Christmas.

cheers and happy new year,


Anonymous said...

Good shot, you've got another 'Melbournian' dreaming of a winter wonderland.

Duncan Hart said...

A lovely calm and relaxing feeling with this picture. People, bicycles and mother nature in harmony - no friction or stress. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I see a lack of the 3-wheeled cargo bikes in the photos. Can they be ridden in the snow?

Anonymous said...

he sure looks happy riding! brave copenhageners! i even have hard time bicycling in 60F degree
happy 2011!

Jeppe said...

Anonymous: The 3-wheeled cargobikes are great when its slippery since they are a lot more steady!