9 December 2010

Snow Flow

Evening Flow 10
The snow has stopped falling, but it's sticking around. Nevertheless, here's a bit more Viking Biking.
Evening Flow 5


Anonymous said...

Love these photos. Here in Australia it is, at present, too HOT to ride!!

Jim Moore said...

Not if you ride slow it isn't, and preferably on a sit-up bike like my old Gazelle. Doing so automatically makes you cooler by 10 degrees - at least in the mind! I live in Adelaide so I know what hot is. Oh, and don't wear a helmet.

hebdenjoy said...

Brave cyclists !

Isla... said...

Mikael - are those temporary bollards in the top photo marking out the cycle lane?

Colville-Andersen said...

riding a bicycle in extreme heat is actually a great way to cool down, if you take it easy.

yes, those bollards are marking the bike lanes, which are in the process of being widened.

positive affirmations said...

snow... snow,,, everywhere... i love snow
I am giving to others; my love radiates to all.

I see the greatness in all situations and seek what will bring me joy.
I was born to live a joyous life!

Anonymous said...

Hi, here is sooooo much snow and wind that people goes crazy when they see me riding a bicycle. I love to ride with my bicycle in any weather. Especially extreme ones.

(i hope you understand my bad english...from estonia)

Anonymous said...

OK. I'm feeling bad now 'cause I don't ride when it's too hot. Will go for a ride next hot day, and take it easy, but I'll have to wear a helmet otherwise I'll get fined!