23 December 2010

Copenhagen Snowstorm Cycle Chic

Snowstorm Headwind 03
We've a bit of a snowstorm over the past 24 hours. And on the last shopping day before Christmas. There were fewer people around today - the trains and motorways leaving Copenhagen are filled to the brim with holiday travellers.
Snowstorm Casual
Nevertheless, the bicycles rolled on despite the storm and fierce winds.
Snowstorm Headwind 04

Snowstorm Headwind Snowstorm Headwind 02

Snowstorm Red Light


Giulia said...

Yay for you fearless Danes. I love these. Merry Christmas...

Chris said...

Finally starting to look like winter there. It's been like that in Minneapolis for weeks now, and will stay that way until March or April.

commoncents said...

HA HA! Great post... I'm glad I found your blog!

Common Cents

kfg said...

Giulia - No need for fear when there is no cause for it. It's just weather.

Colville-Andersen said...

it's been looking like this for about a month now.

johnfreddie53 said...

Hi, I got your calendar for a christmas gift and I love it. Ride on!