2 November 2010

Simply Moving from Right to Left

Amsterdam Cycle Chic - Beauwbrug
Simply moving from right to left. Just like we like our politics.
Amsterdam Cycle Chic - LOS

Amsterdam Cycle Chic - Graceful


dimKoks said...

pizdato! :-)

escalante blogger said...

I wonder if her bike can carry her well.. look at the rear wheel I think it's flat.

Kiwehtin said...

Not sure which one you're asking about, escalate, but all three are rolling uphill onto the bridge, and the second one has enough momentum up to make a breeze to blow her hair back. None of them seems to be struggling especially hard; they're all sitting up pretty straight and the first one, wearing the tuque and earmuffs, is only leaning slightly forward because she's shorter relative to her bike than the others.

Mikael- is this Copenhagen or somewhere in the Netherlands? "Blauwbrug" is definitely Dutch for "Blue Bridge".

Amsterdamize said...

definitely NL, Kiwehtin, 'Blauwbrug' crosses the Amstel River (and the labels/tags of this post reveal as much) :)

Kiwehtin said...


Thanks -- I guess I pay too much attention to the pictures!