28 November 2010

Rome Cycle Chic - Bicycles

Roman Basket
It was most encouraging and pleasing to see so many cool bicycles in Rome. Loads of vintage rides that are still going strong. Seeing flowers on baskets was more common than I would have thought, and it's so lovely every time.
Nice Roman Bike
This one isn't vintage but that backrack and basket add to the mainstream bicycle culture flavour.
Old School Parking
This is old school parking. For decades this is how people parked their bicycles. Leaning them against the curb with the pedal. Probably not a good idea in cities that are getting used to the return of the bicycle, but the bike, above, stayed standing.


ttv said...

Ouch! Poor bike. I think that driver has no respect to the owner of that bike.

Roadartist said...

The first photo is great!

Colville-Andersen said...

the driver didn't hit the bike. so no problem