28 November 2010

Rome Cycle Chic 002

Rome Cycle Chic Uomo 18
We're not quite finished with Rome Cycle Chic just yet. We have a few photos to get out of our system from our recent visit.
Rome Cycle Chic Donna 15

Rome Cycle Chic - Donna 7

Rome Cycle Chic Donna 19
What a cool lady. Riding down the Corso, hand on her thigh, taking it easy like the poster woman for Citizen Cyclists everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Re:Last photo: Am impressed - really cool in the midst of heavy motorised traffic - no fuss, no cursing of or animosity towards drivers .. just takes her 'rightful place/space' properly and rolls along nonchalantly ..'my kind' of cyclists. :D

Marion said...

I love the old lady in the last picture. She looks so quiet... like if she was riding alone on the street! ;) I lived 7 years in Rome and would have never dared to go cycling around town. I don't know how all those people can bike through the crazy city traffic! :)

OnEarth said...

Old lady's ballin'!! Just gotta lean back folks!!