19 November 2010

Cycle Chic is Off to Rome

That is Roma
by Brittany Leigh Photography on Flickr.
I'm heading to Rome next week, to speak at a conference with my Four Goals for Promoting Urban Cycling talk. Here are some cycle chic photos from Flickr from the Italian capital. Definately looking forward to visiting the city. It's been a few years since I've been there.

Can anyone tell me where some good spots are to photograph cyclists in the city? Certain streets? The University? Please drop us a line in the comments.

Multi-tasking Biker in Rome
by Chylle on Flickr.

biking in rome
by kiwiggy on flickr.

by Antonio H Foto Arte on Flickr

And then there's this photo, which wasn't 'shareable' on Flickr, but it's lovely.


Sage said...

I just got back from Rome on Sunday. Got some nice shots of parked bikes, but only saw a handful of people actually riding bikes. Which, given the traffic situation and Roman driving style, is completely understandable.

Now I want an Italian bike!

Wish I was going back already, have fun :)

MindEx said...

on the lovely photo that you said isn't "shareable" I see an Italian bike - Bianchi. So, I'm looking forward to seeing more Italian bikes on Copenhagen Cycle Chic as you get to Rome and do the photos :)

Amsterdamize said...

Oh, you lucky bastard :). I covered most of Rome by scooter (I know..) last summer, but damn, is it good.

Shameless plug, I know that too! ;)

Anonymous said...

you must go to Via del Pigneto, actually the "place" of rome cyclers!

Evan said...

Enjoy Roma! I studied there for a whole year without a bike always taking buses and finally my last week before returning home I got a bike and toured the city. . I was like - damn this is fine! Why I didn't get one my first day I still don't know.
While Romans are crap drivers I'd like to think they're more accepting of bicycles than other car-centric cities...
p.s. Please spell check - definItely.

Anonymous said...

well, I have been in Rome for two years, biking from Trastevere to the "center" (piazza Navona) I put my life in risk my life everyday! :) Roma is basically a Scooter town.

Biking is safe only in the historical center where the rich people live. They have expensive bikes and are extremely stylish.

You will find them around Campo dei Fiori - Palazzo Montecitorio - Pantheon.

Students and neo artists live in San Leonardo - Pigneto.

Long stay tourists bohemian style and old artist are still in Trastevere (no many bikers among them anyway).

Middle class bikers use to be along the proper routes http://www.piste-ciclabili.com/comune-roma

Sundays you will find families biking in the parks (if not too cold) Villa Borghese.

a new interesting spot may be also along the river Tevere.

December can be cold, houses are not properly heated, bring warm clothes too.

looby said...

smoking right next to a baby can never be cool

Bri said...

If you're still around on Thursday evening, you should come to the Ciclofficina Centrale (Via Baccina 36). It's a bike co-op not far from the Colosseum, and on Thursdays there's a picnic :-) If you're still here on Friday come to Via dei Fori Imperiali at about 18:30 for our little Roman critical mass - you should be able to spot some style. Otherwise just keep your eyes peeled, people on bikes here are few and far between, unfortunately.
Good luck with the conference, I know there are a lot of people (including myself) who'd love to come but can't because of work.

Colville-Andersen said...

taking babies in cars can never be cool...

Colville-Andersen said...

Thanks so much for all the tips! Really helpful!