26 November 2010


Copenhagen Return 1
I arrived home from Rome last night to a lovely, albeit chilly, snow-covered Copenhagen. After arriving home on the world's greenest airline I took the world's best Metro home and, on the short walk home from the metro station I saw these Copenhageners on their bicycles.
Copenhagen Return 3
The snow looks like it's going to stick. Icy winds from the north continue to blow and snow is forecast all day.
Copenhagen Return 2


Peach said...

I follow your work for some time now and let me tell you what you're doing an excellent job Mikael.

I will experiencing within days what’s like to cycling in Copenhagen :). Maybe someday, who knows, you'll capture me in one of your random photographs hahahah.

Erik Sandblom said...

"World's greenest airline"? Please. You may as well get to the airport in the world's greenest car.

Having said that, I'm looking forward to more some nice snow pictures.