13 October 2010

Vive Paris Cycle Chic

We love this crazy little film made by some lovely/crazy Russians guys riding across Europe. This is from their visit to Paris.

Originally posted on the Cycle Chic facebook group. We're itching for your 'like'.


Klaus Mohn said...

Funny you should post a Paris video, when this just got bikesnobbed yesterday. Compare and contrast everyday cycling awesomeness with dorktastic engineering that manages to make EVEN Paris look uncool.

Our friends in the video above are on the boulevard de Magenta, still one of the most contentious separated (but not protected) facilities in the city. Of course, it's only contentious because we have to fight for cars (and pedestrians) to stay out of it every day, but, y'know. It's great nonetheless.

Vladimir Kumov said...

We are going to make full video about our trip from Russia to Portugal on bicycles soon! :)