25 October 2010

Meet Pays-Bas Cycle Chic!

Amsterdam Cycle Chic - Marleen Cycle Chic 2
Meet a good friend of mine. She's the blogger behind Pays-Bas Cycle Chic - Marleen. We hooked up for lunch, laughs and hijinx in Amsterdam last week. "Pays-Bas" is the French for The Netherlands and Marleen just thought it sounded cooler than Netherlands Cycle Chic or Holland Cycle Chic. She was right.
Amsterdam Cycle Chic - Marleen
Ironically, I caught a photo of Marleen whilst she was cycling to meet me, just around the corner from here. Pays-Bas Cycle Chic - as the name might suggest - is not going to be limited to one city. It's going to develop into more of a national angle.
Amsterdam Cycle Chic - Marleen Moment
Here's Marleen not really concentrating on watching my bike while I popped into the shops. :-)
Amsterdam Cycle Chic - Marleen Canal
It was a brilliant day out, despite the on and off rain in Amsterdam. Now get busy clicking over to Pays-Bas Cycle Chic.


Stefan said...

Hello neighbour :) Good to 'see' you.

janientrelac said...

What is she wearing? the back view looks like a shawl, but the front is fastened in some way. Is it knit or crocheted, handcrafted?

Marleen said...

Hi! I am wearing a vintage shawl that I tied together with a lovely aged safety pin, you know the ones from those old pleated British / Scottish skirts.
It's crocheted wool actually, probably handcrafted, I bought it at Episode in Amsterdam for the shocking amount of 12Euros!
Episode is one of the best vintage shops period.
Actually the boots and the short I am wearing here are also from them!
They have 2 stores in Amsterdam and you can find them in Antwerp, Brussels, London and Paris as well.
Plus they sell some stuff online:

Well kaere Mikael left me no option and turned me into A Visual Experience :)
I guess this should help me get over my camera shyness ;)

Stefan said...

I have a lot of stuff from Episode in Brussels, actually :)

And despite the being shy, you look very lovely and elegant. Love the colours in your outfit.