8 October 2010

Gentlemen Cyclists

Blue Scarf
Loving the blue scarf action on this chap.
Flower Delivery
Look at all those flowers! I would love to know the story behind this scene.
A young gentleman signalling an upcoming right turn.
Green Style
A cool green bicycle in the autumn sunshine.


blessingsgoddess said...

I like the guy with flowers !

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the stripey casual sweater with the sophiticated tied scarf in the third pic. Almost looks like a tie! Very nice!

escalante blogger said...

That so sweet. I love flowers.

Anonymous said...

are cruisers becoming popular now in Copenhagen ?

Kim said...

Looks like someone has got himself into big trouble...

I wish him luck!

Kiwehtin said...

Maybe the flower guy is Dutch? You see that kind of thing all over the place in the Netherlands.