6 October 2010

Flowers and Beans

Floral Copenhagen 07
Nice graphics on the urban landscape.
Floral Copenhagen

Floral Copenhagen 12

Floral Copenhagen 13


Eddie Allen said...

Hi Mikael - love the nonchalance of Copenhagen's cyclers - the guy in the bean shot at the bottom is a prime example. Lovely work.

hebdenjoy said...

Super pictures.

magga said...

Pretty cool :)
I wish we had pictures like these on Warsaw walls :)

Tanya said...

Can someone help me with the brand of the black bike second from the bottom?


Kristin Tieche said...

These are great! Perfect free backdrop for a photographer like you!

Anonymous said...

Re: Tanya
Looks like one of Swedish bicycles.

Would you like to look at this? =>
http://www.skeppshult.co.uk/ (then click on 'view the bicycles'.