15 October 2010

Barcelona Moments

Barcelona Bicycles
A street corner in Barcelona. Almost still life. This photos stands well on it's own, but I might as well reveal that the chap in the suit was waiting for this to arrive from the other side of the intersection.


Klaus Mohn said...

Amazeballs! They're riding properly as a group, on nice-looking bikes, which is more than I can say for the rogue Fat Tires I run into regularly in Paris. Thankfully it's now too cold for American tourists to bring their multidirectional terror to the streets and bike facilities of Paris... I'm safe until next May I reckon :D

Kim said...

Looking at your photostream there is a real bicycle culture in Barcelona! Fantastic!!

Amsterdamize said...

that tourist pack on wheels looks suspiciously Dutch :)

Kiwehtin said...


Yes, I was wondering about the unusual colour; who else does orange like that other than the Dutch?