28 October 2010

Amsterdam Turn

Amsterdam Cycle Chic - Turning


escalante blogger said...

Wow! she's still can handle that bike that carries a big bag.

Erik Sandblom said...

Nice light.

What does the sign say? "Excepting bikes". Is it a one-way street?

Amsterdamize said...

I love that pic, great timing, Mikael

@escalante it's really not a big bag and/or deal. The bike rack takes care of bigger stuff than that.

Yes, the one-way sign is situated above that, it says 'Except bikes'. As is the case with 99,9% of all one-way streets in AMS :).

BLIGHT said...

great shot....same girl two days in a row...she's consistant and so are you apparently!

hector said...

Love these photo. Lovely chick in her pretty bike! Very cool!

Unknown said...

The key is : She is really pretty haha.