17 September 2010

Winter Footwear Transition

The weather is frighteningly autumnal at the moment and, as ever, you can see the changing of the seasons reflected in our footwear. Boots are returning to the streets in all their varieties.
Kickstandish *

The optimists combine heels with stockings, reluctant to give in to the inevitable seasonal shift.
Red Ride
Sometimes thick stockings, sometimes symbolically thin.

Yellow Means Caution *

Variation on a Kickstand *
Some people are in complete and utter denial. :-)

By the way, if you fancy following my other photographic pursuits, please pop over to my Zakkatography blog - twitter: @zakkatography - because once in a while there is more to life than bicycles! :-)


my hyggelig said...

I am in the utter denial camp ~ thank you as always for giving me a compass.

J.H. said...

I love the winter in Copenhagen although most locals prefer the summer. How I miss cycling through the white gentle snow! I'm living in 365 days of summer now, with no bicycle culture. Haha. How sad. By the way, I really love your photos!

Anders Dahl said...

High heels while riding bikes, no problem!
Great photos.