29 September 2010

Viva Helsinki - Irresistably Charming

Helsinki Cycle Chic Photo Shoot


hiroko hime said...

Hello, Mikael
I live in Brazil and I just find myself here...I'm astonished with these photos!
Maybe cus I live in a small town I'd never thought about going to work (what I do mostly with my bike) so chic and fashion...you just made my world a better - and fancy - place.
Thank you!!!

ps. is it late to say Congrats for the beautyful work? :)

raydenzel1 said...

The change in clothing reflects the cold weather coming on. brrr

Kurt said...

Very chic.

artfulscribe said...

It seems like the Helsinki girls favor a more retro look. I really love that.

Pardon my ignorance, but does it typically snow more in Helsinki than Copenhagen? It seems like it would, and I wonder if they're as intrepid as Copenhageners when it comes to four-season cycling (or as clever when it comes to snow removal equipment...)

Kim - Affairs of Living said...

I'm in love with her.