3 September 2010

Suitable Cycle Chic Bicycle Marketing

Sparta Bicycle Advert
Brilliant Cycle Chic bicycle marketing from the Netherlands. It's from a Dutch advert for the bike brand Sparta. Read more about both the adverts in this post over at Copenhagenize.com.

Sparta Bicycle Advert
And it gets even better! This Sparta advert spells it out in no uncertain terms. This bike will suit you. Urban living. The preferred transport for well-dressed businessmen. Brilliant marketing and Ultimate Cycle Chic. Hats off to de Fietsensmakers and Sparta. The advert is from de Fietsenmakers, a bike shop chain in the Netherlands. If you buy this bicycle, you get a 'matching' Morgan Stanley suit - with a value of €389 - free!

For the full text on the adverts, read more at Copenhagenize.com.

Maybe we could hook these to gentlemen up with their female Danish equivalents in this film produced for Biomega by Copenhagenize Consulting:

Cycle Chic dating... :-)


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TorontoVerve Street Style said...

Great film work. I love my Biomega Amsterdam -- no more chain grease on my pants.