16 September 2010

Straw Square

Halmtorvet 01
Sitting in the sun on Halmtorvet (Straw Square) and watching the Copenworld go by.
Halmtorvet 02

Halmtorvet 04

Halmtorvet 03


Anonymous said...

Love Copenhagen, the Danish style and those bicycles everywhere :)

Roni Faida said...

I love how people carry so much with them on their bikes, and this last pic with the kids in front is great! I've never seen that before. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

love the straight lines and simplicity of the gray bike in the 2nd photo. does anyone know the brand/model?

Fotógrafo Lisboa said...

Truly lovely!!!

blessingsgoddess said...

Like the last picture in particular.

Edward said...

Love the picture of the mother and child. Normal clothes and bags on the handle bar and no silly helmets. Just the wind in their hair.

P said...

Whenever someone is looking at you when you take the photo I always think they're saying "Look, it's Cycle Chic guy, Cool".

Then they strike a pose, but by then it's too late.

Heather said...

I lived in Copenhagen last semester, and biked around here all the time. I miss the huge bike lanes and the bike traffic. I wish other cities would get on board and integrate cycling in their city planning and development. There's nothing like riding... especially when you're not scared of cars hitting you all the time.
Anyway, I loved the concept of cycle chic so much that I started a blog for Tempe, Arizona... I hope you guys don't mind!
Check it out:

Lennart said...

Nice pics (chicks), but I for one is almost equally fascinated by the brick wall in the old fashion
"cross pattern".
Beauty comes in many ways !