18 September 2010

Rita Hayworth and a Dapper Athlete

Rita Hayworth and Friends
Rita and friends.
6 Day Race Vintage Cycle Chic
Dapper chap taking it easy at night during a Six Day Race. Similar to the banner photo over at The Slow Bicycle Movement.


William said...

I love the old bicycling photos. I really enjoy the " The Slow Bicycle Movement" on Facebook, but someone needs to ad to, or update the Blog homepage, the last thing posted was Oct of 2009. There is "Slow", and then there is SLOW. :-)

M said...

Nu du har gang i "de gamle cykler", så skal du da lige ha' den her med Marilyn Monroe:

-Og tak for en dejlig blog:o)

kfg said...

Ahhh, little Margarita. Be still my heart, Norma Jean never had anything on you and you were Astaire's second best dance partner (and Ginger isn't the number one).

William said...

My apologies with regards to my comment above. I found the trouble with the "Slow Bicycle Movement" was with my bookmark to the page, not with the page itself. For some reason it wasn't updating.