4 September 2010

Cycle Chic Interview

On my recent visit to Melbourne for the State of Design Festival, the good people from Inframe.tv shoved me into a chair at Denmark House and engaged me in a chat about Cycle Chic. The origins and the philosophy and all that.


NotQuiteDanish said...

I'm a Melbourne guy who lives in Copenhagen. Did you notice much of a bicycle scene there? I cycle everywhere here but you couldn't get me on a bike down there. Too dangerous.

Ricardo said...

That's what people say about Lisbon. But things are changing and bus and taxi drivers awareness for bicycles is growing every day.
And we already have our local cycle chic blog as well.
Thank you Mikael for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I apsolutely love the blog! After being in Copenhagen I had no problem riding my bike with heels! When are you comming to photograph Hamburg??

carlita dee said...

Fantastic! Very cool and informative for a new reader. Much appreciation for this blog from Houston, TX, USA.